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Market Intelligence

Our team pays close attention to local, regional and national market movements. We synthesize insights from reputable market and research sources for developing a suitable plan of action according to the market situation.

Development Planning

Our team assists the developers from the early stages of the project through designing the product type, devising the lot sizes and creating unique market selling proposition to actualize an attractive market offering.

Brand Creation

It is not our duty to just sell the developments, but our commitment goes beyond just selling. We believe in creating strong brands which should last for decades to come. We are focused towards establishing credibility in the brand which represent unique touchpoints providing tangibility to the audiences over a period of time.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

We provide 360 integrated marketing solutions in terms of branding, public relations, marketing communications and digital strategies. Our marketing approach is tried and tested in the market by our experienced professionals. We also build a comprehensive database which assist us in qualifying buyers and investors to target them with personalized communication messages.


We dedicate ourselves in creating an ecosystem of hassle-free solutions for the customers at each stage of the buying process in order to facilitate an effective and efficient sales process which leaves both the clients and customers satisfied. Our team is well-trained for interacting with diverse group of individuals and possess the capability to adjust according to the dynamic sales environment.

Finance and Contract Administration

Real-Estate business can be full of tides and storms and we understand the importance even minute details related to finance, contract administration and legal obligations. We ensure the businesses navigate through different processes and environment with ease through our expertise in managing the obligations.

360 Property Solutions

Our diverse team works with the multitude of builders, investors and property groups. A large number of stakeholders we work with are well-known and reputable in different local and global communities. Also, we assist our investors with re-selling real estate and help them receive a rental guarantee on quality properties. Providing a hassle-free and comprehensive one-stop solution is something that differentiates us in the market.

Property Management

The LandLaunch rental department is a team of highly skilled and experienced property managers who strive to deliver the highest level of services in the market. Day in-and-out the team is dedicated to providing exceptional results across all platforms including but not limited to market analysis, property marketing, renter screening, inspections, rent collection and timely maintenance services for each property.

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