LandLaunch specializes in land marketing and sales for an array of real estate projects.

We are focused towards delivering extraordinary results through our passion, commitment and astute hard work towards the real estate industry.
Led by experienced real estate experts, our team dedicates itself in understanding the need of our clients to provide them with customised marketing and sales solutions to maximise timely return on their investments / developments.
We further believe in creating an ecosystem to provide our property buyers and investors with hassle-free exceptional services to enhance their satisfaction with understanding the niche land market and buying the developments.
Our Values

Customer Centric

We go above and beyond in assisting our customers. Whether it is our business clients or real estate buyer, we provide solutions to assist our customers at each stage of the business process. We believe happy customers result in happier clients.


We strive to provide innovative marketing solutions to our clients. Our team never settles for less and believes in always outperforming ourselves through intelligence and innovation. We always strive to be better than the best.


Trust, respect and loyalty are the pillars our relationships are built upon. We aim for providing long-term growth and maximum value to our clients by fulfilling our commitments and delivering on our promises. Both are clients and buyers can fully rely on us.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our team specializes in conducting transactions with people of different ages, cultural background, genders and diverse communities. It is our sincere duty to ensure all members of our society feel respected and valued doing business with us.

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