Sheetal Nandal

Sheetal has a natural propensity for customer service and intuitively knows what type of property her client is looking for, even if they haven’t eloquently described it.
Her ability to observe what the client’s needs are and listening to their wants has made her an instant success and a client favourite. She realised that she couldn’t change the world for everybody, but the right property can change somebody’s world and she believes that's a great start!

She always knew that she wanted to chart a path helping others and found her true calling in real estate after studying Business Analytics at Monash University. Passionate about Real estate counselling, it has continued to leverage her know-how and experience to exceed her client’s expectations. Sheetal is enthusiastic about guiding her clients through what is often one of the biggest investments of their lives.

Over the past decade, Sheetal has been involved in both consulting and sales and she feels incredibly lucky to work with wonderful clients who become her friends.

Outside of work, Sheetal is adventurous and enjoys keeping active whether that be through boxing or hiking! She enjoys exploring the woods with her family, friends and beloved pet Frosty, who she cherishes very much.

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