LandLaunch is the right destination for all the investor buyers looking forward to renting out their properties.

 Whether you are renting your property for the first time or looking for an agency with high levels of responsiveness, transparency and performance, Land Launch is the best destination for property management solutions.

You're Our Priority. With LandLaunch, you receive timely communication, property growth update and top-notch customer service.

Lisa Said manages our rental department; she is a friendly and motivated executive leading LandLaunch's property management department. 
She has been working in the real estate industry for the past 10 years and possesses extensive knowledge of property management and the real estate industry.

This Is What LandLaunch Does. 
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Our Services

Property Reports

Undertake an in-depth inspection of the property on the date desired by the property owner and generate reports for the owners.

Market Analysis

Compare the property with similar properties in the area to evaluate the right value of the owner's property. Further, ensuring the owners received maximum returns on the property.

Property Marketing

Ensure the property are available on the proper channels and platforms. We execute both offline and online marketing for the investors.

Renters Screening & Selection

Communicating with all the potential tenants, collect all the necessary documents and presenting the eligible ones to the landlord.

Tenant Assistance

We ensure we are available to the tenants to resolve any issues the tenant's face and answer any queries tenants might have.

Undertake Inspections

It is essential to undertake regular inspections to ensure the tenant is appropriately staying at the property and is using the property for the disclosed reasons. Also, it is vital to maintain good communication between the owners and tenants for a long-term relationship with the tenant.

Rent Collection

Ensure the rent is collected on time and chase up the tenants if there are any arrears

Timely Maintenance

The property can require timely repairs and maintenance to keep it in good condition. We ensure all the information is timely reported to you, and all repairs are accordingly scheduled.

Handle Financial Records

Management Of Utility Bills, Repair Invoices and Rent receipts and provide you with a detailed report associated with the management of the property

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