Sonia Parmar

Chief Executive Officer
Sonia has a natural ability to connect with other people and has a genuine passion for helping others.
Sonia saw a gap in the market for specialised project marketing, leading her to launch LandLaunch. Her natural ability to understand her client's requirements, backed with a wealth of experience, provides a fundamental key of diversity to each investment portfolio and inevitably creates more significant wealth potential for each of her clients. Her strong work ethic and interest in the industry enables her to lead the team by example, consistently achieving set goals and paving the path for others to follow.

From meticulously formulating strategies with her team of experienced project and real estate professionals, Sonia maintains the driving force behind every stage of investment acquisition, planning, project initiation and milestones, all whilst ensuring she has exceeded client expectations.

Outside of her busy career, Sonia is a mother and enjoys spending time with her family. She is a talented cook who has an interest in documentaries and music. In her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton and socialising with friends.

Sonia is a natural leader and will continue to lead LandLaunch to further success.

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