Prashansa Prashar

Head of Sales
Prashansa's friendly and caring personality has enabled her to lead in land sales across Victoria.
Prashansa is a qualified Real Estate Agent with a strong reputation for her excellent results and communication skills. She is passionate about helping people find their dream home and takes pride in her work. Her ongoing commitment to helping people and her community is highly noticeable and appreciated.

Prashansa is a mother and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends outside of her busy career. Known for her outgoing personality and exotic fashion, she is also a very talented dancer and emcee. In Melbourne alone, Prashansa has successfully emceed over 300+ events (and counting!) and says she has enjoyed every moment of them! She looks forward to supporting more events and organisations in the future and plans to continue growing her fashion brand.

Prashansa is a vibrant and valuable asset to the LandLaunch team.

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