Ankita Malik

Managing Director
Ankita is known for her kind nature and ability to motivate those around her. 
When it comes to teamwork, Ankita assists everyone with understanding their goals and objectives perfectly and drives the entire team towards accomplishing the strategic goals and objectives for the company.

She is an enthusiastic person who is continuously interested in learning and thriving to stay ahead of the industry.

Ankita completed an engineering degree at an early age and worked in the engineering sector for a while before discovering that real estate and law were her true passions. She has been in the industry for many years now and says that she has loved every moment of it!

Ankita believes that the only happiness which stays with you is one that you give to others.

In her spare time, Ankita loves to travel and spend time with her husband and their daughter. She is a talented swimmer and cook who also enjoys playing badminton with friends.

Ankita's humbleness and positivity have made her a great leader in LandLaunch.

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