Cherry Blossom Estate – Smythes Creek

Type: Residential
Cherry Blossom Estate is a community designed with the vision of keeping families connected and united in the thriving suburb of Smythes Creek. Situated within a 10 km radius of the impressive city of Ballarat, Cherry Blossom Estate redefines the suburban lifestyle providing you with all the necessary amenities while providing families with a safe and calm environment to thrive and enjoy life. Ballarat has an air of stateliness and grandeur as a result of its elegant wide thoroughfares; its Victorian and Edwardian heritage buildings, tree-lined avenues, parks, gardens, and statuary. 

These attractions make the city of Ballarat a popular tourist destination, providing many employment opportunities to residents. Cherry Blossom Estate is the perfect place to blossom with loved ones and live a rural yet connected lifestyle. It is close to the Delacombe precinct that is home to a modern town centre, school, library, health care and world class sporting facilities

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