The Dalgona at Duneed Launched At Mt Duneed

Dalgona at Duneed is located at 110 White Road, Mount Duneed, nestled conveniently off the surf coast highway, allowing for connectivity and ease into and outside the community. Adjacent to the popular Armstrong Creek community, the neighbourhood includes the town centre, schools, parks, shops, medical, aged care, and childcare. The entertainment facilities, public transport and the beautiful coastal nature, are right at your doorstep at Dalgona At Duneed.

The Dalgona At Duneed is inspired by Victoria's unique culture, where residents can immerse themselves in the Geelong region's unique lifestyle. Nestled perfectly between Australia's most famous surf coast and the city of Greater Geelong, Dalgona at Duneed offers the essential elements of our daily life; the coffee, the bush, the ocean, the sun, and our serene land. At Dalgona, we are as local as your coffee.


Explore this vibrant lifestyle at our sustainable master-planned community, consisting of over 170 premium lots designed with you in mind.

The Voltaire is located between the coast and the city of Geelong, at the enticing Armstrong Creek, which is an urban growth area getting developed into a sustainable community.

The Voltaire at Armstrong Creek is right at the heart of the Armstrong Creek precinct, providing easy access to all the major amenities such as the major retail, commercial and mixed land precincts.

There are shops, restaurants, clinics, aged care centres and leisure activity centres in the area, with more than billion dollars' worth of amenities coming to the Armstrong creek precinct.

House & Land Available.

The meticulous planning here has resulted in crafting a boutique estate replete with cutting-edge design and ample space for nature's greenery. Plush modern designs merge with a plethora of nature's soothing touches to bring you the Voltaire Estate. Your fast-paced schedules will find their perfect pick for rejuvenation with the parks and creeks around you.

Join the Voltaire community to enhance your quality of life! This is a project of leading industry experts, Maax Global and Gaage Developments, marketed by Land Launch.

Just over 25km from the CBD, The Brendon is a premium boutique estate close to all the amenities at a convenient distance. There are ample amenities close to the Brendan estate, with an upcoming school and convenience centre nearby. The Brendon Estate is near green spaces such as Brodies Creek and Greenvale Reservoir Park adjacent to the estate, making walking, cycling or an outdoor barbeque a delightful experience.

The Brendon Estate is the first estate that LandLaunch released at the lush green and flourishing suburb of Greenvale. As the Brendon was the first project at Greenvale, the project's expectations were relatively high, and our team visioned to position the project as a premium land estate at Greenvale. 

Our team created a positive and premium brand image for the project, and our marketing campaigns reached about 150,000 people in our target audience, making more than millions of impressions across the region. 

LandLaunch successfully sold the boutique estate in just two months of selling which is a great accomplishment by the selling team, and the most interesting fact is that the team accomplished this task during the stage 4 lockdown at Melbourne.

Ciara Heights is the second estate launched by LandLaunch in the Greenvale suburb. After the success of the first estate, LandLaunch released another premium estate in the same area. With quality and convenient marketplaces, educational institutions, medical centres, transportation facilities and parklands, Ciara Heights was poised for success as well. 

The project investors wanted the team to achieve a higher price than the competitors due to their excellent location and amenities. Our team focused on the presentation and the marketing to create a high-end brand perception in the customer's minds. 

Our team sold the project in just three months of commencing selling, and all the lots were sold at premium prices as advised by our investors. 

Emerald Park Estate has 1100 lots overall and has successfully titled 12 stages, with six more stages titling around November 2021. 

Emerald Park released its latest stage 13 on 6th February 2021 and sold 30 lots with four under offer on the first two days of the release. The whole stage got sold within a week, and the Emerald Park estate witnessed an incredible response from the property buyers at Tarneit. 

Seeing this response, our team released Stage 14 on 14th February, which coincided with the circuit breaker lockdown. Despite the lockdown, our team has managed to sell 70% of the lots in the first week of the release. 

Stage 13 got sold out in the first two weeks of the release, with minimal lots remaining in Stage 14, which will be sold out soon. 

Emerald Park residents are poised for quality living with great amenities at their doorstep. The latest facility getting delivered at the Emerald Park Estate will be a brand new integrated family centre. 

The integrated family centre will possess a world-class infrastructure providing a well connected and integrated community space. The integrated family centre will be adjacent to the 29 acres of parkland and school and will be well-connected with the town centre, tarneit station and the rest of Tarneit through public transport. 

There will be various facilities available at the family centre, such as Kindergarten, Maternal and Child Health services, other allied services, and community spaces. 

City Design and Liveability Portfolio Holder, Josh Gilligan, said the centres would provide vital infrastructure for the growing suburbs. "The new centres will enable residents to access all the services without having to travel, as well as generating new employment opportunities for locals."

This Family Centre is part of Wyndham City's $26.4 million Tarneit North Community Precinct Master Plan implementation project.

January 11th, 2021 - LandLaunch is excited to announce the launch of another premium estate at the beautiful Greenvale suburb.  Located at the Brendan Road near the intersection of Michelham and Somerton Roads, the estate has easy access to roads and public transport. It has been planned and placed conveniently for its residents. 

The estate's location will also be in close proximity to future convenience centres and primary schools. Further, the existing shopping centres, schools, parks, recreation centres, medical centres and childcare centres are situated pretty closely as well. 

Extending a quality lifestyle to its residents is the aim and vision of this estate. Through plush modern amenities and scenic open spaces, residents shall be able to indulge in this ideal life.
Let's Explore A Day At Ciara Heights

The Australian Federal Government is attempting to loosen the credit restrictions in an attempt to encourage lending in Australia.

Lending has been difficult for many in the past because of tighter credit restrictions. Stringent lending practices have been the reason for many for not being able to start their business or not able to purchase the house they wanted. 

The Government is trying to simplify the lending process by eliminating the doubling up of regulators on banks and helping banks avoid court disputes. This would mean banks might be allowed to go through the application on a case by case basis. 

This will indeed affect the real estate industry, which will be one of the primary beneficiaries of this new law.  

The Land Launch team achieved the incredible target of selling 430 lots at Emerald Park. When it comes to land, our team recognizes how important it is to qualify the buyer properly. 

Qualifying the buyer is crucial as it lets us know the intent of the buyer and allows us to know about the buyer's decision-making constraints. A well-qualified buyer is the one who purchases the land and afterwards settles as well. 

Land Launch team takes pride to seize the opportunity to sell the stages at our Emerald Park Estate. LandLaunch has so far titled and settled lots in stages from three to eleven with more stages titling soon. 

It is a massive achievement by our land marketing company which have achieved a phenomenal milestone. 

LandLaunch specializes in assisting people with transforming their valuable land into a premium land estate. Recently, our team have helped our valuable investor and developer to convert their acreage land into a premium boutique estate at Gravenall. 

In the past, the LandLaunch team has developed and sold a boutique estate called Gravenall in Caroline Springs. Our team successfully assisted the investors and owners to plan, design, develop, market and sell the boutique estate and make a good chunk of profit at the end of it. 

Landlaunch replicated the previous success of the Gravenall project with the Brendon estate. In a period of just one month during the quarantine, LandLaunch successfully sold 20 lots at the Brendon Estate and successfully providing a return on investment to the owners and investors despite the harsh market environment.

The Australian Government have announced the homebuilder grant to provide eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home, or substantially renovate an existing home or buy an off-the-plan home/new home.

In light of the introduction of Stage 4 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne (effective from August 2 2020) and Stage 3 restrictions in regional Victoria (effective from August 5 2020), the Commissioner of State Revenue will exercise discretion under the National Partnership Agreement to provide a blanket extension of 3 months to the construction commencement requirement for the Homebuilder Grant. This suggests that all applicants for the Homebuilder Grant in Victoria have six months from the signing of the eligible Homebuilder contract, to commence construction. The Commissioner does not have the discretion to grant any extensions beyond this additional 3-month extension.

The HomeBuilder Grant complements the existing First Homeowner Grant that is available in Victoria when you buy or build your first new home.

Therefore, the home buyers have to commence the construction of the new home before June 31, 2021

Please visit for further guidelines.

It's been seven months since the LandLaunch team have been managing, selling and marketing the Emerald Park Estate at Tarneit. Our dedicated team have successfully sold 430 lots at the prestigious estate. 

Our directors Sonia Parmar say that "this is just a great team effort in action". In any field of business or research, it is the people who achieve marvellous feats, and we are glad that our team together has achieved outstanding sales at Emerald Park".

We at LandLaunch believe people, relationships and communities are our highest priority. We have always believed in providing exceptional customer service to every customer who walks in. We have also been able to increase the walk-in traffic through our aggressive advertising campaign which includes well-targeted advertisements on social media, billboards, buses, train stations, malls and shopping centres.

The great team effort and expert knowledge have helped the LandLaunch team reach this fantastic milestone in our long journey.

Emerald Park in Tarneit is a premium land estate to build the dream home with all the convenience of the Town Centre and Train Station at your door. Located just half an hour from the Melbourne CBD, Emerald Park is a master-planned community with over 1100 residential blocks.

Since 2016 at Emerald Park, the estate had three titled stages and about 150 sold blocks. After LandLaunch started to manage the project, between 1st October 2019 and 31st January 2020, our team successfully sold 300 lots. We were able to uplift the perception of the brand of the Emerald Park Estate through our marketing and multitude of connections with the builders, investors and asset managers. 

We have titled six stages, and we are witnessing a massive number of houses getting constructed at the development. Many people have started living at Emerald Park, and it undoubtedly looks like a thriving community.

A rare gem located 25 km from the Melbourne CBD. A perfectly planned community located near medical services, public transport, shopping, and education. For our property owners, it was a destination for better education and fun activities in a well-connected community bundled with comfort and joy. Gravenall was a special feeling which was able to find its place within the heart of the community.

Land Launch, alongside our partners, was able to assist the developer in planning, designing and developing the estate with ease at a significantly lesser price point. 

Land Launch was able to sell this boutique estate in just about three months when the market was slow and difficult. Our prime focus on exceptional customer service and going above and beyond to provide value to the customer is what helps us achieve outstanding results. 

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