430 Lots Sold at Emerald Park at Land Launch

It's been seven months since the LandLaunch team have been managing, selling and marketing the Emerald Park Estate at Tarneit. Our dedicated team have successfully sold 430 lots at the prestigious estate. 

Our directors Sonia Parmar say that "this is just a great team effort in action". In any field of business or research, it is the people who achieve marvellous feats, and we are glad that our team together has achieved outstanding sales at Emerald Park".

We at LandLaunch believe people, relationships and communities are our highest priority. We have always believed in providing exceptional customer service to every customer who walks in. We have also been able to increase the walk-in traffic through our aggressive advertising campaign which includes well-targeted advertisements on social media, billboards, buses, train stations, malls and shopping centres.

The great team effort and expert knowledge have helped the LandLaunch team reach this fantastic milestone in our long journey.

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